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A place where we turn back to God

Adullam: a place of refuge 1Samual 22:1 –2

The cave of Adullam for David was a place where he turned back to God. The wilderness experience we like David enter and experience at times, is out of our control, it just happens not of our doing, but at times aided by our busy lives. This feeling of distress, disconnection, isolation, usually gets worse before it gets better.

Have you thought about going on a retreat?
Come on a retreat with me to turn back to God. Find what you need from God’s presence; come find purpose and direction with others or on your own, in the journey of life.

The work of waiting on God to progress toward harmony from the disharmony we all feel at times,  can be difficult. God is always waiting with arm open wide. It's just taking that step of drawing near to God. Then we will experience God drawing near to us. It's all about going back to God, to the one we need to wait on, making time by being still to wait on God, this however can be  difficult.

Watch Video below then return, too continue the reading of how to go about drawing near to God.

Going on a retreat is giving yourself the space, and scheduling time to wait on God; it is subconsciously saying you need God. Being honest with yourself, and saying “I need God!” We wait for things all our life, we wait for things we are in need of, being patient for our given time at the check out, hair dresses, doctors, etc.

God is waiting for you, will we take the time to give to our spiritual needs and the needs of God. If we do not do this, we are saying we are in control of our lives and don’t need God. We all need God if we realize this or not, God is the one who breathed life into us from the beginning, and wants to breath into us new life again.

Psalm 25: 5b "On you I wait all the day"

Today’s society does not allow for stillness, waiting on God, it is viewed as unproductive. We don’t like to wait for anything. We have fast food, instant coffee, high-speed internet, we want quick service, and we want it now.

We are so busy serving our God that we are to busy to receive from God. We need to pay more attention to what Jesus wants to say to us and less attention to what we can do for him. It's all about GRACE :)

This website is designed to aid you toward discovering the tools that are available, to help toward the goal of drawing nearer to God.

If you would like further help contact me by e-mail, this information found in who I am link.

Info about Adullam 

A song that has touched my heart on the subject of being still

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